Eoliths by Peter Rafferty

Eoliths by Peter Rafferty

Andrew Rafferty's brother, Peter Rafferty is an accomplised poet.  Of his first volume, Eoliths, poet David Morley said; 'Rafferty's is one of the boldest and in my viewpoint important departures in British poetry since the first books of Peter Didsbury or John Ash.  He is also one of the funniest and most playful writers of his generation, one for whom celebration and knowledge are arenas for passion, compassion and a generous intelligence.  We're lucky to have him'.


Andrew Rafferty's image of Callanish was used for the front cover.


Eoliths is available from Arrowhead Press www.arrowheadpress.co.uk  

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Andrew Rafferty's artwork is used for the cover image of Lynne Plowman's new CD collection The Beachcomer. PRIMA FACIE PFCD135